Welcome to Betters Auto Glass

Betters Auto Glass Inc. provides Better products, Better service, & Better results to our customers. We pledge to provide our customers with the best experience and the best results possible.It's not just our name it's how we do things! Our technicians will always treat you with Respect, Dignity, and Excellent Service. We promise that every car will return in better condition than we received it!

Why We Continually Update Equipment


Betters Auto Glass Inc. believes that staying on the front side of technology and procedure changes will keep our customers safe and our company successful.

You will see our technicians using state of the art tools while doing your repair or replacement. We proudly use all Equalizer, AEGIS, and GlasWeld tools.

Along with our tools and processes we only use top quality parts and materials!

What We Do:


Betters Auto Glass specializes in repair and replacement for all of your auto needs.

We service cars, trucks, tractors, RV’s, Boats and more.

We also accept all insurance providers and will work with the insurance company to bill them directly, making your repair much more pleasant!

Betters Auto Glass adhears to all national standards and is also DOW Automotive Certified.

The DOW certification is an Accepted AGRSS certification program.

We pride ourselves in using the best parts and materials, by standing above our competition with parts, materials, and workmanship we are prolonging the life of our customers vehicles, and keeping SAFETY our number one concern!

We also provide other services to help make your drive safer, such as AQUAPEL installations, and wiper blade replacements!